Multi-functional Handheld 3D scanner
portable, High Accuracy, Versatile.

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Multi-functional Handheld 3D scanner portable, High Accuracy, Versatile.

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The handheld
3D scanner for
all your needs

The EinScan-Pro is your best choice for capturing real world data to convert into a digital 3D model. It can be used for consumer and commercial applications in manufacturing, engineering, design, development, testing, artwork archival, animation and even human form acquisition. The EinScan-Pro 3D scanner allows you to use physical objects to better conceptualize an idea or create a starting point for modeling in CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Automatic Scan

Handheld HD Scan1

Handheld Rapid Scan

Handheld HD Scan2

4 mode Scanning

The EinScan-Pro multi-functional 3D scanner offers both portability and accuracy because of its four versatile scanning modes: Handheld rapid scan, Handheld HD scan, Automatic scan, and Free scan. An add-on Industrial Pack en-ables automatic scanning by matching the EinScan-Pro with a fully-automatic turntable or users can enable Free scanning by fixing the scan head to the tripod.

No Scan Limits

The EinScan-Pro includes accessories for good
color texture capture for objects ranging in size
from 0.03mm (.001in) up to 4 meters (13ft).


Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Automatic Scan
Version Basic Industrial pack (Add-on module )
Scan Accuracy 0.1mm (.0039in) 0.05mm (.0019in) Single scan
Scan Speed 15 fps Single scan : <2s
Point Distance 0.2mm- 2mm (.0078-.078in) 0.16mm (0.0062in)
Part Size Range
0.03-4m (.0011in-13ft) 0.03-0.15m (.0011-5.9in)
Align Mode Reference point align Turntable align
Texture Scan
(Add-on Module)
No Yes
Outdoor Operation No (Affected by strong light)
Special Scan Object For a transparent, Reflective or dark object,
πPlease powder spray prior to scanning
Single Scan Range 210 x 150 mm (8.27 x 5.9in)
Light Source White light LED
Printable Data Output Yes
Data Format obj, stl, asc, ply
Scan Head Weight 0.8 kg
System Support Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64bit
Specification Display card : NVIDIA GTX660 or higher, Display memory :
>2G, Processor : I5 or higher, Memory storage : 8G or more