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INSIDE 3D PRINTING is  "the largest global 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing event series focused on innovation, manufacturing and expansion towards the latest cutting-edge technologies. This year’s event is on track to have an international audience of 9,700+ attendees, including more than 500 CEOs, from 850 companies and 18 countries. Inside 3D Printing is critical to realizing the vision of the [...]

High resolution for dentist

Carima is excited to announce new dental 3D printer DS131, a streamlined digital workflow, and a high quality 3D printer, increasing productivity which can further improve profitability. Also, The DS 131 allows users to serve a broader range of dental applications with a single system, reducing equipment costs. Users can experience the DS 131 3D printer to produce realistic 3D [...]

carima will be in cologne for IDS 2017.

  Carima will be in Cologne for IDS 2017. Stop by our booth B054 to learn about 3D printing solutions offered for Dental industry.Also,we will show New dental machine with high resolution for Dentists and Laboratories. Don't miss out on this printer release!

CARIMA, high-speed continuous layer 3D printing net certification

3D printing technology seems to be advancing at the speed of light—but unfortunately, print speeds themselves are nowhere near as fast. Now, Korean 3D printer manufacturer Carima has developed a new technology called C-CAT (Carima-Continuous Additive 3D Printing Technology) that can print at speeds 400 times faster than some of the existing DLP 3D printers. The DLP 3D printer manufacturer [...]